About us

When fitness choices are endless, AMCOL becomes your starting point, Great concept and convenient locations simply to make you fitter.

AMCOL fitness first health club is a holistic approach catering to all your fitness needs. Unique concept, passion for health, fitness for the world and superior professional services are the foundation pillars upon which AMCOL is built.

Today, AMCOL stands strong on its promise and is carving out a niche in the fitness industry by offering world class health and fitness services to Trinidad and Tobago.

The club is home to over 100 state of the art equipment with an assortment of amenities for its customers to enhance their user experience. Spread over 20,000 square feet its facilities boasts of customers group classes, saunas, spa, spin, zumba etc.

We take pride in our ability to pin point our member’s goals and together work with them in achieving their needs; Thus, making our customers and our company one unit.

We have got your back

AMCOL incorporates the latest equipment, trained fitness staff and customized plan for each body type Build muscle, improve cardio, improve endurance, increase flexibility, increase strength, lose weight, overall health, relieve stress!

Our dedicated trainers provide 360-degree support for your fitness journey. Our trainers understand your needs and work out your fitness training module which serves as a robust platform to maximize individual potential and help achieve your personal aspirations in fitness.

With all the attributes working hand in hand from our trainers to you our customers we are able to provide the best results and directly able to work with you to achieve your personal aspirations in fitness.

We have a state of the art infrastructure with the finest equipments that harness the power of technology. AMCOL is geared with over 100 pieces of equipment, which range in their functionality and meant for the entire body.

Furthermore, the gym has a circuit training system where the machines are strategically placed in order to follow a well rounded training routine at the gym.

And for those who still like the raw burn and sweat from either running or walking, AMCOL provides an indoor walking track too!!

Besides, we are always listening to you with our prompt customer service.

So, push your fitness further with our mix of facilities and we’ll support you with advice on new and better ways to train.

Investing in yourself pays the best interest. We hope to see you at the club soon!

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Featured Classes

Runner Silhouette


Not just pumping up, But building stamina
Bodybuilder Silhouette


Making you strong internally
Dancer Silhouette


We make you dance to keep you fit
  •  # 59 Batchyia Trace & Ramjohn Link Road Penal, Trinidad
  • GYM: 225-4GYM (4496)
              647-4GYM (4496)
  •  [email protected]