Aerobics & Steps

Burn calories at a high rate

There are many different types of Fitness aerobic and cardio classes to build your fitness workout program. With so many options, you’ll never get stuck in a rut. When you participate in an aerobic and cardio class at AMCOL Fitness, you can have fun and get fit at the same time! You’ll strengthen your heart and lungs as you burn calories at a high rate.

Cardio Mix

This high energy, fat burning workout incorporates traditional high and low impact moves with athletic aerobic movements. In this format, you’ll experience the feeling of a great workout while working up a great sweat. Don’t forget your towel!

Aerobics 101

Designed to serve as a sampler of our most popular aerobic class formats, Aerobics 101 builds confidence while grounding you in aerobics fundamentals that you can apply to other classes. The workout consists of step, kickboxing, basic movement patterns, and strength exercises. This class is suitable for all experience levels. Beginners are welcome!

Step Class

This step aerobics class consists of choreographed step patterns. You’ll challenge your mind and body as you burn calories. The intensity of your workout will be determined by the speed, travel, and execution of your movements. We recommend this class for anyone who has at least some group class experience. Turn your training schedule into a “group effort” with aerobic and step classes.

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