Circuit Exercise

Certified circuit exercise trainers

Circuit Training Our programs are vibrant and we endlessly bring in fresh exercises so you won’t get bored and tired following the same exercise routine. Our certified circuit exercise trainers are persistently crafting new sets of exercises that will present fresh challenges for your body. Our circuit also has different levels for you to select from, based on your fitness level and fitness goal. As you do it frequently, the idea is for you to evolve and level up.

We know how it can be difficult to stimulate yourself to exercise, particularly when lethargy kicks in. The fact remains, it’s hard to exercise alone.  At AMCOL, we help you overcome laziness. The coaches are there to direct, induce and push you to do your best. No efforts are being wasted.

The circuit is also intended to encourage teamwork. As you regularly train, you will be interacting with other club members and making friends, who will also be helping and inspiring you, as you work in the circuit. This is how ideal fitness should be – an entertaining, interactive community.

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Not just pumping up, But building stamina
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Making you strong internally
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We make you dance to keep you fit
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