10 Foods You Should Never Ever Eat

10 Foods You Should Never Ever Eat

Posted on 7th May 2019

Complete avoidance would be a much better idea

1. Margarine: Once thought to be healthier than butter, margarine actually is full of trans fat, coating your arteries and upping your cholesterol. You’re far better off sticking with real butter in moderation.

2. Hot dogs and other processed sandwich meats: These lower quality cuts of meat are full of nitrites, chemical flavorings, dyes, and way too much sodium. Look for nitrite free sausages and make your own sandwich meat by cooking some chicken or turkey and slicing thinly.

3. Processed “cheese product”: You have seen it in slices wrapped in plastic or sprayable in cans; this fake food is not even allowed to be labeled as cheese. If you’re craving nachos, you can create your own cheese sauce using real cheese, but stay far away from what we like to call “plastic cheese.”

4. Sugary sodas: Why drink empty calories? Sugary sodas provide a lot of high fructose corn syrup with no nutritional value. Try a fruit infused water to add a splash of fresh flavor you can feel good about.

5. French fries: When McDonald’s released the ingredients in their French fries, people were surprised to find out there were 17 on the list.

6. Fast food salads: At least you’re not ordering a burger, right? Wrong. Some fast food salads pack in more calories and fat than a burger and fries with all the extra toppings and fatty dressings. Do your research before assuming that the healthy menu options live up to their name. An even better option is to make your own salad instead and choose a vinegar based dressing

7. Artificial sweeteners: These guys are much sweeter than regular sugar, leading to increased sugar cravings. They also have links to neurological problems and cancer. Try some fruit to satisfy that sweet craving! Natural sweeteners like honey or real maple syrup are also great alternatives, in moderation, of course

8. Microwave popcorn: Included in the imitation butter flavor is PFOA, which has been linked to certain cancers and infertility. It’s safer (and cheaper!) to make your own microwave popcorn in a brown lunch bag and then use a touch of real butter

9. Light yogurt: When all the fat is removed, something needs to be added back in order to make the yogurt taste good again. That means added sugar, aspartame and many other highly processed ingredients. Try adding fruit and honey to plain Greek yogurt for a delicious, healthier snack.

10. Multigrain bread: This is a tricky one. It sounds and looks healthy, but it’s not. Multigrain bread is white bread with some grains thrown in. As you may know, white bread lacks nutrients and contains enriched flour. What you want is whole wheat bread (whole wheat should be the first ingredient listed).

—article taken from www.skinnymom.com—

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